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Diamond Grading Report

Each diamond is graded on the basis of 4C's i.e. Clarity, Cut, Color and Carat-weight. At EarthMined, each Diamond is graded carefully by experienced Diamond .This report not only covers 4C's but also indicates if the diamond is treated or enhanced in any way to its present state. Earth-Mined follows widely accepted GIA - Grading system for grading of Diamonds.

Gemstone Identification Report

Gemstones are identified on the basis of their Physical & Optical properties This Report mentions the properties of the Gemstone viz weight ,Shape & cut,measu-rement etc. Each Gemstone is examined very carefully by our professional Gemologists using internationally accepted Procedures and Tools. Each Report has the photograph of the stone mentioned in the Report for Identification

Jewellery Authentication Report

This report is meant for Jewellery items studded with Diamonds & Gemstones. This report mentions all important information related to Jewellery Item that is required by the supplier as well as by the buyer. Each jewellery item is examined by expert gemologists, under strict regulations and using specialized equipments.



Incorporated in 2014, Earth Mined Lab is a renowned name engaged in offering Gem Testing and Certificate Tracking Services. Our lab is equipped with the most advance gem testing equipment and well trained professionals to offer the best services in the shortest possible time frame. Our expertise lies in offering Services for Colored Stone Testing, Pearls Testing, Diamond Grading, and Gemstone Treatment Identification. To ensure optimum quality, our laboratory is constantly surveyed by our quality controllers who ensure that all are equipment is functioning in optimum level. We also keep updating our technological strength and this has enabled us to serve customers in the best possible manner.

Terms and Conditions

  • This testing report is based on the application of grading and equipment subjected to norms & method available to Earth-mined Laboratory at the time of grading.
  • This report is not or may not be used as warranty guaranty or any representation of any kind. The report describes the properties of the given specimen at the time of testing.
  • The color report is based on masters comparison stones of Earth-mined lab,the clarity report is based on 10X magnification , triplet loup , binocular & zoom microscope, grading may also differ and could vary due to the changes and the equipment used at that time.
  • This testing report is considered as not legally valid if any alterations(s)vis/are made to the gems jewellery or to the report itself. This report is not responsible for the use of this certificate with any other similar specimens.
  • Earth-mined lab ,or any member or its staff at any times may not be responsible to any claim & representative shall at all times restricted to maximum not exceeding the fees paid to any received by Earth-mined in consideration to this report.